Frequently Asked Questions

How can I search recipes by category?

 When you are in the recipes tab you can click the funnel icon. A new search bar will appear that is for the category of dish you wanting to find.

Example of Categories: Sea food, Beef, Chicken, Side, Main dish,etc. 

How do I Download the Shopping list, Recipes, and Meal Plan?

First: Click the download button.

Second: Unselect the options you do not want to download or print. (selected options will be highlighted as teal) . Then click download.

Third: Wait a few seconds for it to make your file then click the download PDF

Fourth: If you have an iPhone, click the box with an arrow in it on the bottom of your screen and choose what action you would like to take.


How do I “favorite” a recipe and can it be switched out for a recipe provided in this week’s meal plan?

In order to add a recipe to your favorites list, you will simply click the heart button on the top right hand corner of that recipe.

This will automatically move that recipe into a new “favorite” list so that when you click on the recipes tab on the left-hand side of your screen, you will see a new sub-category called favorites and anytime you click on that heart, the recipe will be added to that list for you.

Then, if you want to remove a recipe from the meal plan, just hover your mouse over that recipe and a small garbage can will appear on the top right-hand corner of the recipe and verify that you want to delete that recipe. Once deleted, you will click on the button for that day that says “add recipe” and you can simply replace it with one from your “favorites” list. Doing this will automatically add the new recipe’s ingredients to your shopping list.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription here.

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